Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Contribution: Eve: A Never-to-be-Forgotten Friend

Dear Jennifer and Jon,

May I offer you both my heartfelt congratulations for your upcoming union. You two give renewed respect to the sacred vows of marriage for your decision to honor your mother's memory on this very special occasion.

Eve was everything God intended us to be on this earth. Perhaps it is by no accident that her name was the first woman's name to appear in the Book. Eve was quite a woman: intelligent, charming, witty, talented and so genuine.

When Eve became ill, I marveled at her courage and willingness to assist others by involving herself in cancer support groups, lecturing to college students on death and dying, and bringing so much joy to those of us who could hardly bare the thought of losing her.

My last moment with Eve was during her birthday party. As photos were being taken, she asked me to sit on her lap for a pose. Even then, Eve was the 'life" of the party! On May 21, I was in Greenwood, Mississippi, preparing to give my daughter, Caroline, away in marriage. Before the wedding, I received a call from Charleston telling me that Eve had died. I remember going to a quiet place, turning towards the sky, and telling Eve "goodbye." That day was one of the happiest and one of the saddest moments in my life.

Soon there will be another wedding--Jennifer and Jonathan--and I am sure if you two listen very closely during the ceremony, you will hear the sweet voice of Eve Coleman blessing your union.

Peter Yaun
Saint Simons Island, GA

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