Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Watermelon Women: Lila and Mary

A married mother of three (her youngest child is a year old), Lila is undergoing a heavy chemotherapy regimen for advanced breast disease. She doesn't have health insurance and couldn't afford the drugs that would ease her discomfort. The Fund allowed the Roper St. Francis Cancer Center to purchase anti-nausea medicine for her.

Mary had breast cancer as a 21-year-old medical student in Charleston. After recovering at home in Kentucky from a double mastectomy, she returned to the Center for breast reconstruction surgery. She and her mother could not afford the hotel stay in between her surgery discharge and follow up visit, so the Center used the Fund to provide three nights' lodging for them at a nearby hotel for a preferred patient rate.

Mary's mother, Gloria, wrote the following note:

"Thank you again for all of the wonderful things you did for my daughter and me. I know that God allowed us to go to Charleston for this surgery for more than one reason. He knew of the wonderful people that would do the work required to give us the comfort we needed during a difficult time. The stay was great at the Marriott. Thanks again for that blessing. It helped more than you will ever know."

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